State-of-the-Art Fibreglass Solutions for Automotive Excellence

In the realm of automotive manufacturing, materials are the cornerstone of innovation. From traditional iron and steel to advanced composites, the evolution has been constant. Fibreglass, a relatively recent addition to the automotive landscape, has sparked a revolution in vehicle construction.

Corrosion resistance is an edge

Remarkable durability, and lightweight nature – three times less dense than steel.

Inherent lightweight nature

Bumpers, hoods, doors, and casings benefit from the default lightweight nature.

Unparalleled tensile strength

Timing belts and V-belts employ fibreglass reinforcement for tensile strength.

Automotive Fabrication 1

Automotive Enhancement at its best

Fibreglass’s abrasion resistance renders it ideal for manufacturing brake pads and clutches. The incorporation of glass strings into rubber for reinforcement enhances clutch disks, maintaining composite material integrity.

Automotive Fabrication 2

What makes us different?

There are a lot of reasons to choose us.

How Can You Benefit?

Versatility of fibreglass extends beyond colour infusion and UV-protection

Ensuring longevity without compromising style is our Fibreglass foray into automotive reinforcement, both radial and bias-ply, to transform the driving experience.

Fibreglass in Transportation

Beyond automobiles, fibreglass finds a significant role in heavy vehicles as well. Its strength-to-weight ratio, coupled with fire-resistant properties.

Fibreglass in Interiors

Vehicles benefit immensely from fibreglass applications, not just in body construction but also in interior design and equipment.

Safety at Core

In the event of an unfortunate crash, fibreglass's fire-resistant properties ensure a controlled flame spread, allowing passengers quick and safe egress.

Partnering for Future

We specialize in leveraging the unparalleled potential of fibreglass in automotive fabrication combining cutting-edge technology with reliability and resilience.